New Series: 7 Desires of the Heart

Hey Fam!  I’ve missed you.  I took a bit of a hiatus on the blog because, well…. Life.  At the end of June I have a new book coming out (Yay!) and graduate school started back up.  So please forgive me for my silence, but I promise our next series will be worth the wait.  This week, I am introducing a new series called “Desires of the Heart.”  That title is probably not original, but it best describes what we are going to be taking a look at over the next couple of months.  We are going to take a peek inside our hearts at the hidden things we both need and hide.  Those things that we hesitate to say but can’t handle it when we don’t…..   

Here is the list that we are going to tackle in this series:

  • The Desire to be Heard
  • The Desire to be Affirmed
  • The Desire to be Blessed
  • The Desire to be Safe
  • The Desire to be Touched
  • The Desire to be Chosen
  • The Desire to be Included

How does that list make you feel?  If you are anything like me, you may be squirming right now.  I know that some of those hit me hard.  Sis?  That’s why we need to talk about them.  We need to go there.  You may be thinking, NO!  We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT.  And I hear you.  Sis, I HEAR YOU.  But I also care about you enough to say the hard things.  To help YOU say the hard things.  

So.  We will take a look at these needs. Emotionally. Spiritually. And Physically.  What happens when they are met and what happens when they aren’t.  What false narratives are we telling ourselves and how can we retrain our hearts and minds with what God says about us.

I know this may be hard.  But it’s worth it.  I promise.  Are you with me?  Stay tuned.

Be Blessed,


“Underneath every problem is an unfulfilled desire.”

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