Helping Women Hear Jesus

She Hears sees a generation of women who are confident in God’s voice in their lives.

So many women struggle to have confidence in their relationship with God, struggling to define God’s voice. She Hears is dedicated to walking alongside women, helping them to grow in their spiritual lives so they can step into the calling God has for them.

Our Vision

The mission of She Hears is to encourage and equip you to step into the calling God has for your life, living out your faith in the everyday. Together we will break down walls that keep us from growing spiritually. We will dig deep into our Bibles to understand and connect the Scriptures to our lives. We will boldly obey what God calls us to do, walking through doors that only He can open. 

Our Mission

To Know Him and to Make Him Known-

My name is Rachael, and I am the voice behind the Hearing Jesus Podcast. The real and raw vulnerability, the honesty, and the leadership all come from a place of sincerely wanting to see you grow in your relationship with the Lord. 
I work as a missionary with a global orphan care organization, and I have also served in the local church for more than a decade. 
Discipleship and evangelism are the two things God created me for, and I count it a privilege to share those things with you every week on the podcast.
Curious about what I believe?

As a staff pastor of a non-denominational church and a missionary with a global orphan care organization, I have a range of roles and responsibilities. Over the years, I have been involved in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the Assemblies of God, and what feels like everything in between. I have my undergrad from Southeastern University as a BA in Ministerial Leadership. My MA (Spring 2023) is in Bible Exposition from Biola University. While I definitely would call myself an evangelical, Jesus-loving, born again Christian, I am sort of a mutt when it comes to my faith roots. I love Jesus. And I want you to love Him too. And I treasure God’s word. I am human and make mistakes, and I am always willing to learn and grow. You should be too. As we learn and grow together, I make a promise to always be open and honest and vulnerable with you. I never want to be in a place where I think I have it all figured out. Instead I want to be in a place where I am always listening to Jesus. His is the only voice that matters.

Rachael is the author of She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus and Go. She is also a contributing author to 6 more titles including curriculum and training resources that can be provided upon request. Rachael and her husband Tim live in Saegertown, PA where they are part of a church plant in a neighboring community, Restore Church. They have three beautiful daughters: Georgia, Adelyne, and Amileah.

Hey Friends!

What Women are Saying


- WMB -

Rachael is well versed and connected in her faith and she shares her wisdom in such a way that can be heard and understood no matter where you are in your journey. Her content is meaningful and full of faith-fueled value!


- Dr. GeGe Jasmin -

If you have the desire to grow in your faith, you don’t have to do it alone. Pastor Rachael Groll is a gifted teacher and companion who is ready to grow together with you. Listen to every episode and watch your life transform.

"Happy i found her"

- NHB -

Love how relatable she makes it! Love the message that Rachael is sharing! She teaches in a way that is so relatable and understandable! Happy I Found her!


- GCY -

I love She Hears! It opened my eyes to understand Jesus’ ministry, especially with women, so much better than anything I had read before. I loved the format, I usually start a study but have trouble focusing, this one kept me engaged all the way through!


- SB -

Hearing Jesus meets women at their deepest need- a relationship with Jesus. Rachael teaches from a heart that loves Jesus and wants other women to know and love Him too. You will be encouraged and find the peace that we all need.

Hear. His. Voice.

She Hears has helped to encourage and equip women to step into the calling God has for them, so they can live out their faith in the everyday. Join us as we continue to break down walls and boldly obey what God has called us to do as a generation of women that



you grow

free: desires of the heart. A 7 day devotional

We all have things hidden deep inside our hearts.  Insecurities, fears, and desires that we are sometimes too afraid to admit…. Even to ourselves.  In this FREE one week devotional, Rachael takes a look at our core desires and how God uniquely satisfies each one.  Includes journaling prompts and discussion questions.