I am interested in starting the color
 method of studying. What do I need to get started? 

I don’t want to keep scrolling through all these episodes, there are so many. Can you change the order you post them in?

You talk too fast for me, can you slow down? Or you talk to slow for me, can you talk faster?

Do you have anything like this for men? What about kids?

Something you said isn’t theologically correct and I would like to tell you why. How can I contact you?

How can I contact you with questions I have about the podcast content?

Where can I find transcripts of the show?

Where can i finD the journaling prompts and family discussion guides you mention?

Your podcast doesn’t upload in the morning for me because of the time zone I am in. Can the episodes be posted earlier?

Are the episodes new every day?  

I am interested in traveling with you. Can my husband come along?

What about my children?  

Can you come speak at my church/event?

Can you come on my podcast?

Can I be a guest on your podcast?

do you have a leader's guide for 
the She Hears Bible study?

The Color Method is taught in depth in the Bible Study: She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus which you can find here: She Hears Shop.The Bible Study comes bundled together with the colored highlighters as well as a Gospel of John journal. That is everything you need to get started. There are also podcast episodes that go along with each week of the study; you can find those here: Start of the She Hears Bible Study episodes

This is a simple fix. This is actually a setting that you control on your podcast listening app. For most apps, you have a choice between playing the episodes in sequence or newest episode. If you are having a hard time figuring that out, you can do a google search on how to change that setting on your specific app.

Check your settings on your device or podcast app. There are various settings that you will see, usually called something like: .5x speed, 1x speed, 1.5x speed, 2x speed, etc. Choose the speed that is the most comfortable for you.

While the heart of Rachael’s calling and messaging is geared towards women, we actually have a lot of male listeners. The branding may be geared towards a female audience, but the content of the show itself is really great for everyone.  There is also a brand new podcast called “Hearing Jesus for Kids,” which will start airing in September 2023. This will cover the same content as the adult show, just in a way that is easy for kids to understand. As a former Children’s Pastor, Rachael is passionate about developing resources for the whole family. There are also Family Discussion Guides with 5-10 questions per day posted daily to the Hearing Jesus Patreon Page

We get it. There are a multitude of theological positions within the Body of Christ. We do our best to represent an evangelical Christian perspective on the show. Even within that category though, there are different camps on different issues. It would be next to impossible to represent fully each of those theological positions on each issue. In general, always allow Scripture to be your guide. As with any Bible teacher or leader, it’s best to use the filter of Scripture over anything anyone says as a commentary. In instances where we disagree, we invite you to defer to your local church leadership to dive deeper into that topic. We also recognize that families can disagree on some things, and still love each other. 

It’s exciting that you are asking questions because it means you are learning. However, because of the volume of questions we get on a daily basis, Rachael has put together a couple resources to help you, since she cannot respond to each one. 

We have a new discussion group that is exclusively for Patreon supporters where you can ask questions, get prayer, and discuss what you are learning. This is the place Rachael spends her time online, interacting with listeners. This level of Patreon is only $5/month. We would love to have you join us in that group! You can find that here: Hearing Jesus Patreon Page

There are also a couple of really good  Study Bibles available at shehears.org/resources that can be an excellent tool to help you further understand the Scriptures.

Those are all located in one place, found on our Hearing Jesus Patreon Page. These are included at no additional charge to our Patreon community. 

Our Hearing Jesus Patreon Page is the place to find those, as well as any other resources mentioned on the show. We keep them all in one place, for easy access. There is a search function available as well, if you are looking for a resource from an older episode.

We record in EST and episodes are uploaded in the mornings according to our time zone. Many people listen to the episodes the next day to adjust for this. While we do our best to make sure episodes are recorded/edited/and uploaded in advance, we cannot always control how and when the various platforms release their feeds. Sometimes there are glitches that are resolved just by waiting it out a little bit.

Rachael records new content about 48 weeks a year, taking a little time off over the holidays and the end of the summer. Usually during those weeks, we replay some of the more popular series that people love. There will be a new episode dropped every M-F, but if it falls within those couple weeks per year, there is a chance it will be a repeat.

That depends on which trip you are talking about. For Missions and Bible Study trips, the answer is Yes! Absolutely! Some churches use these trips as their Missions program. However, for the in-person retreats, these are geared specifically for women and are limited to (biologically female) women that subscribe to a biblical view on identity.

At this time, we are only offering travel for adults. There may be family geared trips in the future, please check back on our travel page for updates on that.

Rachael and her team carefully evaluate requests and make those decisions based on her current availability, as well as the kind of event it is. Please send those inquiries to rachael@shehears.org and someone on the team will get back to you.

Rachael and her team carefully evaluate requests and make those decisions based on her current availability as well as the kind of podcast it is. Please send those inquiries to rachael@shehears.org and someone on the team will get back to you.

The Leader's Guide originally came linked with weekly videos before the Hearing Jesus Podcast existed. Since that time, those videos have been turned into free episodes that are linked at the top of this page. If you would like to use the FREE discussion guide, you can find that available here: She Hears Bible Study Discussion Guide

While we acknowledge there is potential for a lot of great podcast episodes, we currently have limited availability and resources to accommodate guests. We receive numerous outstanding submissions, and choosing the right fit for our platform is an intricate process. We encourage you to explore other avenues and opportunities to share your message. There are plenty of platforms and organizations out there that may be able to accommodate your request.

If you feel that the audience of the Hearing Jesus Podcast or the Hearing Jesus for Kids Podcast is your key demographic, then it may be worth a small investment and sponsoring an episode to get your content in front of the audience. For more information on sponsoring an episode, please reach out to our podcast network directly: lgibbons@evergreenpodcasts.com


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free: desires of the heart. A 7 day devotional

We all have things hidden deep inside our hearts.  Insecurities, fears, and desires that we are sometimes too afraid to admit…. Even to ourselves.  In this FREE one week devotional, Rachael takes a look at our core desires and how God uniquely satisfies each one.  Includes journaling prompts and discussion questions.