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Unforgiveness. Abuse. Fear. Sin. Dealing With the Things We Can’t Lay Down – A Devotional Look at the Samaritan Woman – Day 4   The moment we meet Jesus, He wants us to lay down the things that keep us from Him.  And if He can’t?  Well, that’s exactly why He came.   Heart Check:   Are there things that you have struggled to give to Him?  Are there things that you need Him to snatch away?  God wants you to have freedom.  Admit to Him the things that you are struggling with.   This audio devotional is a companion to the She Hears Bible Study, today’s content is from Chapter 2- The Samaritan Woman- A Woman of Testimony.   Hey friends, welcome to the Hearing Jesus Podcast.   Do you sometimes doubt if you are truly hearing God’s voice or if it’s really your own? Do you wonder how you can know the difference?  Do you struggle to feel confident in your relationship with God and what He says in his word?  Do you sometimes feel stagnant or like you hit a wall in your spiritual life?   Hey, I’m your host, Rachael Groll: missionary, author, pastor, and life coach.  And I have been there.  I too was doubting God’s voice in my own life.  I too felt insecure about the things I thought God might be calling me to do.  I wanted to make a difference in the world and be obedient to what God was calling me to do, but I wasn’t quite sure how to figure out what exactly that was.  I kept telling myself that I was wasting time trying to figure it out or waiting for Him to show me.  Or that I wasn’t qualified to do the things I thought He might be telling me to do.   The answer for me was found in the pages of the Bible, as I learned how to understand what it was actually saying.  If you are ready to grow in your faith and to step confidently into the calling God has for you, then join me as we dig deep into God’s word so you can learn to live out your faith in your everyday life.   Friend, you are loved, you are cherished, and you are His.   The Hearing Jesus Podcast will encourage and equip you to step into the calling God has for your life, living out your faith in the everyday. Together we will break down walls that keep us from growing spiritually. We will dig deep into our Bibles to understand and connect the Scriptures to our lives. We will boldly obey what God calls us to do, walking through doors that only He can open.   Join me for your weekly dose of faith, honesty, and prayer.   Learn -> https://shehears.org Connect -> rachael@shehears.org Community->Christian Women's Daily Bible Study Group Instagram-> https://www.instagram.com/she_hears/ Missions Support-> https://www.cotni.org/campaigns/rachael-groll FREE 7-Day Devotional: Desires of the Heart -> https://shehears.org/free-7-day-devotional/     Want to go a little deeper?   Purchase the She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus Bible Study on my Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SheHearsShop?ref=profile_header   Also available on Amazon or wherever books are sold.   In this six-week study from the Book of John, Rachael Groll takes you on an in-depth exploration into the lives of six women Jesus knew. Women often deal with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, yet the lives of these women show that Jesus values us, wants a relationship with us, and can use us to further His kingdom. In her warm, conversational style, Rachael ties together her life experience, knowledge of the Scriptures, and her compassion for women to encourage us and enable us to become the women God has called us to be.   Need to chat one on one? Snag a private session with Rachael: https://calendly.com/shehears/one-on-one-life-coaching-session
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