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cropped-she-hears.pngWelcome to She Hears!  My name is Rachael Groll, and I am a mom, a wife, a blogger, published author, and a follower of Christ.  I started this site as a way to encourage and equip.  She Hears

When on a missions trip to Kenya, six years ago, I met women who were desperately seeking a way out of poverty.  They were making jewelry out of found objects and selling them to tourists.  In my return trips, I have saved my souvenir money for them, bringing back beautiful, hand crafted items for my friends and family.  The last time I was there, God planted a dream in my heart.  I thought about how wonderful it would be to purchase every single item they had, sell it in the states, then take the profit back to them.  This page is my obedience to finally stepping out in faith to the calling God laid on my heart during that trip.  We are starting with Kenyan jewelry, but will be adding goods from other countries as we can.  Please reach out with any questions, and check back often for some inspirational content from our travels as a faith based family.  Thank you for taking the time to read the stories of the artists and making the decision to use your purchasing power to make a difference.  Your Voice Matters.



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