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Later that night, the boat was in the middle of the lake, and he was alone on land. He saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them. MARK 6:47–48  Have you ever walked through something so difficult, so terrifying, that you’ve caught yourself asking, “Jesus, where are You?”  When life […]

Jesus Never Loses Sight of Us: Guest Post by Lysa TerKeurst

Why do you keep asking me to do this? That is a question that many of us have asked God.  It’s a question that my guest this week, Natalie Runion, asked the Lord during a season of church hurt while serving under toxic leadership.  I invited Natalie onto the Hearing Jesus Podcast to talk through this difficult […]

Church Hurt: What to do With the Pain

This weekend is Father’s Day, and there is a heightened focus on our children and what it means to be a good parent. Recently, I invited my friend, Kyle Idleman, on the show to talk about the concept of surrendering our children to the Lord. In this episode, one of the things Kyle talks about […]

Empowering Parents to Prioritize God in the Journey of Raising Children

When I was first starting out in my faith, I didn’t really know what spiritual gifts were, but I remember telling someone that I thought my spiritual gift was talking. Their response told me that talking wasn’t really a spiritual gift, but over time, I learned that they might not necessarily be totally correct in […]

Honoring God With Our Words

As we pulled into the hotel parking lot, it took me a moment to recognize that I was holding my breath. It wasn’t until I went to speak, that I realized it. Suddenly, I was 11 years old and on the verge of tears. I had booked this hotel for its convenient location and airport […]

The Mother Wound

It seems like every year, the Christmas decorations hit the stores earlier and earlier.   Now that it’s November, they are starting to fill everyone’s homes. I myself have been guilty of watching some of the clean-cut Christmas romances that are peppering the weekend TV schedules. And while I love Christmas day, I have found myself really […]

I Can’t Rush Christmas

One of the first things we do when we move to a new home is anointing our home to make sure it is cleansed of anything that is not of God. While this process is extremely helpful and effective, the results will only be temporary if you are allowing the enemy to have a legal […]

Anointing or Cleansing Your Home

This week on the podcast, we are talking about the concept of “binding and loosing.”  If you aren’t familiar, it’s essentially what we forbid and what we permit… in our lives… in our families… in our homes.  We talk about taking spiritual authority over the enemy, so I wanted to create a resource for you in case […]

Taking Spiritual Authority Over Our Homes