Happy Friday: Session 2 Video


You made it! It’s the end of week 1 and you survived, I knew you could do it!

Here is the video session for this week: Session 2 Video

You can follow along and take notes on page 50 of your book. Still need a book? You can find that here: Trustworthy – Bible Study Book

This week, we have been learning that trust is a CHOICE…. that’s so hard sometimes, isn’t it? At least it is for me.

What’s one area that you have a hard time trusting God in?


Midweek Check-In


Hey there! How is your week going? We are halfway through! I just wanted to check-in and see how it’s going so far?

I had a couple thoughts as I was studying, and I thought it may be helpful to point them out.

With this particular study, she jumps right in without a whole lot of warning. For me, that was a little confusing at first. My suggestion is to go ahead and take a highlighter and highlight any of the areas that mention a Scripture. Then, go ahead and read those chapters. You will come back and need to re-read during the study portion, but this way it will give you some context. Make sense? This really helped me out. Want to know which highlighters I use? Well…. I have loads, but this week I am using these ones:
Fun Highlighters

If there is something you don’t understand, ask questions. She glossed over some pretty important theological concepts…. the assumption is that you already know some of this. What if you don’t? I know the first time I did a study like this, I felt so discouraged because, within the first week, I already felt behind. Please, please, please don’t let this happen. That’s what I am here for! That’s what this community is for! We want to help you learn and grow. Connect with us on our Facebook page here: She Hears Facebook Community

Get a good study Bible. This is so helpful. There are inevitably going to be passages that you don’t understand or need more clarification on. I will be doing a post soon about all the different types of Bibles that I used for study. But in the meantime, here is one of my favorites:  One of my Favorite Study Bibles


Hope these couple of tips help.



Verse of the week: Psalm 62:8

“Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Selah.”

Week 1: Trust is a Choice


Are you excited! I am! It’s Day 1, Week 1 of our first Online Bible Study of the year! There is something so refreshing about the feeling of “New.” The new year, a new Bible Study (where I am not falling behind yet), a new journal, some new pens…. all of it makes this nerdy gal happy. As we get started, I want to share with you some things that will help you be successful with an online Bible study. If this is an old hat for you, then please share some of your tips in the comments. If this is your first time, then I just want to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I have fallen into in the past.

Use a real Bible.  

I know that this is the age of digital everything, but there is something so sacred about getting into the Word, physically. It’s not to say that I have never heard from the Lord using my Bible App. But…. I can’t remember the last time that was. More often than not, when I am physically using my Bible, highlighting, underlining, cross referencing, it’s those moments that the Holy Spirit chooses to speak to me. Developing the discipline of getting in the Word on a regular basis, is one of the reasons I lead online Bible Studies. Not only for you, but for me. It helps keep me accountable. Not sure if you need that, but I do. I also think this sets such a good example for our children. (or friends, etc) Seeing you with Bible in hand, instead of your phone, portrays such a powerful example.

Set aside a specific time

(This is the part where your phone comes in really handy). I set a repeat alarm on my phone at a specific time each day, like an appointment. I would love to say that I just automatically get up early and start my day with Jesus. It’s not that I wouldn’t love for my life to be like that, but it isn’t. I fill alot of roles during the day. If I am not intentional about my time, it will be taken from me. That’s part of the reason I do online Bible studies instead of in person ones. I am super busy. In this season of my life, this is what works. But that doesn’t mean it’s automatic.


At least once a week (I do it on Saturdays) set aside some time for Worship. I like to take some time after I have done the study for the week, and just worship God and think about what He has been teaching me that week. It’s often in those moments that He impresses on my heart the things He wants me to take away in my own life. This can be really powerful. Remember that we are not studying for the sake of acquiring knowledge. (Although that will happen….) We are studying in order to learn from the Word and allow it to change us…… so we can then go change our world.

Get engaged

One of the dangers of online interaction is, well, lack of interaction. It becomes really easy to sit back and remain quiet. In a live Bible study, you are forced to make eye contact and engage, at least somewhat. I am a social butterfly, so for me, that’s never an issue. But for some, it can be really isolating or allow you to fall away quickly without accountability. Don’t let that happen! Stay connected on the facebook page.

(You can do that here  SHE HEARS FACEBOOK PAGE) Comment on the questions. Reply to others. Connection, real connection, can happen online, if you only let it!

Okay, now for the fun stuff!

This week we are going to be studying Kings David, Saul, and Solomon. Have you ever studied them before? They are the most common kings that people recognize, so chances are, you are familiar with them. But let’s commit to taking a look at them with fresh eyes and fresh hearts.

Are you ready?

Here is the Week 1 Intro Session Video from author Lysa Terkeurst: Week 1   There will be another teaching video at the end of the week.

Still waiting on your book?  Here is the download for the first week that you can use while you are waiting for yours to arrive: Book download

Need to order a book still?  You can do that here, and get it super quick:
Trustworthy – Bible Study Book

Make sure you have watched the intro video.  I sent that out yesterday and it’s on the facebook page.  But here is a link, in case you missed it: Trustworthy Intro Video

I will be praying for you this week, especially today as you get started.  Don’t forget to join the conversation, I can’t wait to hear what God is teaching you!


Be Blessed!