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In a culture obsessed with platform building and influence, sometimes it can be difficult to lean into the idea of humility. Yet as believers, we are called to humility of spirit in a way that surrenders our will to the Lord’s. To discuss this concept, I invited Dr. Joel Muddamalle onto the show to talk […]

A Biblical Look at Humility and Pride with Dr. Joel Muddamalle

Have you ever had something die while waiting on Jesus? I have. And if I’m honest, it was really really hard. Join me this week on the podcast as we talk through the ways the She Hears Bible Study addresses this. Check it out here:

Blaming Jesus When Something Dies

The story of the Samaritan Woman was one that captured my heart long ago. I studied her during my first trip through seminary, and her story continues to resonate with me today. As I approached her story again for She Hears, I was overcome again by how much God spoke to me through her pain. […]

A Woman of Testimony

You guys! I have some really exciting news. My newest book, She Hears, is coming out in June. To get ready, we are doing a Launch Team! Do you want to be a part of it? Here’s some more info: She Hears is a Bible Study from the book of John that looks at 6 […]

Launch Team Opportunity!