Have we met?

If we have, I am so glad you are here!

If we haven’t, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Rachael, and I am the voice behind the Hearing Jesus Podcast. The real and raw vulnerability, the honesty, and the leadership all come from a place of sincerely wanting to see you grow in your relationship with the Lord.

I work as a missionary with a global orphan care organization, and I have also served in the local church for more than a decade.

Discipleship and evangelism are the two things God created me for, and I count it a privilege to share those things with you every week on the podcast.

Now? It’s your turn! 🤍

Can you send me a quick message to share your name? Where you are from? And one thing that you feel is a barrier to spiritual growth or your relationship with God?

This is a praying community and I set aside time every week just to pray for you by name. Thanks for being part of my little corner of the internet.



Twice a week, I share my heart on the Hearing Jesus Podcast. In this post-pandemic, remote world, it’s so important to stay connected. Join me as we discuss all aspects of faith in real life.

Spiritual Growth

We all sometimes feel stuck in our spiritual lives. We may know it in our heads but don’t always connect it in our hearts. Together we will work through some common struggles in our spiritual lives.

Bible Studies

As a published author, it is my heart to write content that helps you grow closer to Jesus. Bible Studies, devotionals, and meditating on God’s word is something you can expect.

Faith Leadership/Coaching

Working in local, global, and marketplace ministry for more than two decades, I speak from a place of experience and care for your long-term success in serving the Lord.


Children of the Nations

Oversight and Direction of the International Spiritual Care Department, influencing five countries. Resourcing and equipping global leaders with evangelism and discipleship curriculum, training, and support.

Warner Press

Author of “She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus” (2021)

Author of “Go” (2017)

Restore Church

Creation, oversight, and administration of outreach programs, both global and local.    Evangelism, discipleship, training, preaching, and program management.  


MA in Bible Exposition (2023)

BA in Ministerial Leadership (2018)