1. Amy says:

    Love this. I relate to it so much. Thank you for your leadership and transparency.

  2. Norma says:

    Thank you for sharing, it gives insight to the season I feel I’m in also.

  3. Yolanda says:

    I relate to this, too. Thank you.

  4. sharona says:

    This was a RAVEN for me. I thought I was crazy, I thought I was feeling weird. No one could explain to me what was happening!!

  5. Viadellia says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for this short, sweet, but yet very powerful message! I didn’t understand when I heard GOD tell me that HE’S send the enemy away from me for a season back in September of 2023! While I knew it was GOD it still didn’t make sense to me so before I could ask HIM to confirm that this is HIM, HE had already answered with Matthew 4:11 but I still needed more confirmation because I’ve not heard any messages about this. I’m well aware of the scripture. So HE then gave me Ecclesiastes 3:1 and that settled it with peace like a river in my heart, spirit, and mind! Thank YOU JESUS! HE went in to explain it’s a season of rest Sabbath from the chaos, turmoil, and calamity that HE allowed in every area of my life since April of 2017. Through it all HE has indeed been faithful and a very very very present and active help the whole time even when it didn’t feel like it look like it or sound like it! I can look back and see HE was otherwise I would’ve made it through! But HE also said this season is time to not only rest but draw even closer to HIM, learn of CHRIST so I can really know and understand myself in CHRIST. To know my worth, value, and what I bring to the table in life. It’s to learn my talents, gifts, and purpose for CHRIST. So it’s not to just lay around although HE allowed it for a few months but still cultivating my relationship and intimacy by reading sometime out loud and sometimes silent. Sometime studying the word. All the time fasting and praying HIS word back to HIM! I love HIM soooooo much! Thank you again because I needed your article like the missing puzzle piece in this season of my life! May GOD richly and dynamically bless you!

  6. Viadellia says:

    Sorry forgot to add… THE LORD had given me this Elijah in a cave story a few times during this season of wilderness and reminded me if it last year so thanks for confirming.

  7. Stacy Cole says:

    Thank you. I’m in this season now. It is so foreign to me. But I’m trusting God.

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