When Joy Doesn’t Come in the Morning

I have often sung the song that is based off of David’s Psalm. Sorrow may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Yet here I sit, another morning filled with sorrow. Yes, I understand things happen for a reason. Yes I understand that for everything there is a season. Yes, I understand that sorrow is temporary. But it’s my today. My today does not have a reprieve from the pain of yesterday. My today has not turned my sorrow over for joy. Today still feels like the pit, dark and cold. As I dug into the Word, I planned on moving forward to the next chapter, yet the Lord had be go backwards. Psalm 30, David’s song of dedication at the temple. Reading about David’s joy at first felt harsh. Like another layer of “should” on top of a pile of “can’t.” Yet as I read it through, for the sixth time, there was a place where my heart came to rest. “I shall never be moved.” Even when God’s face was hidden, David was committed in his position. The result? The Lord made his mountain stand strong. After a long time of lamenting and pleading, David is restored with joy. The mercy of God is what turned David’s mourning into dancing. In His time.

Today is not His time. Today is still a night to weep, but to stand firm with whom stands with me. I know that on the other side, when morning comes, there will be joy. But for now, Lord, make my mountain strong.

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